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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the email really look anonymous?
Absolutely! The easiest way to check of course is to send a fake mail to yourself! Send one right now and see how real it looks!
Update: Due to some naughty people, I've now added a footer at the bottom of each message specifying that the message was actually a prank. Sorry.

Is this traceable?
Sort of. Nothing on the internet is really anonymous. If you do something that you really shouldn't, there are probably going to be ways and means of finding you. So be good, and use it for mischief, not malice.

For you geeks out there: just to let you know that the mailer adds an X-Mailer attribute to the message header indicating the message origin, and an X-Originating-Ip (a real one). I could leave both out, or falsify them, but it's hard enough to get mail delivered without doing that too!

Will it always work?
Almost always. But some mail servers are more strict than others, and do checks to get around this sort of thing. In this case, you'll need to find a more sophisticated way to play your prank!

Couldn't spammers use this?
No! The email sending page is protected by a CAPTCHA. This is an image that spammers' software can't understand, but humans can. It's used all over the internet and is very effective. Nevertheless, if you have any reason to suspect that spam is being sent through this service, get in touch ASAP!

This is so easy, I could do it myself
Sure - anyone can, it's pretty easy. But if you're not technically minded, do you really want to learn about MX lookups, SMTP commands, etc? Of course not. That's why this site is here.

How can I link directly to the send form?
Just use the following link. Note that you can't use the @ sign directly - you have to change it to %40 for it to work in a link. Also, any spaces should be changed into %20 Then, all you need to do is change the to, from, and subject lines to whatever you'd like!:

Be sure to change the addresses, subject and body to the values that you want to use.

Who made that wicked template?
Rayk Design, as posted under a Creative Commons Attribution license to OSWD.